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Nicaragua Puma Collective
Nicaragua Puma Collective
Nicaragua Puma Collective
Nicaragua Puma Collective
Red Landtern Coffee Co.

Nicaragua Puma Collective

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A coffee tasting of molasses, walnut and pear.

Producer: Ana Maria Croducer: arrasco
Region: Mozonte, Nicaragua
Altitude: 1650+ MASL
Variety: Caturra and Catuai
Process: Washed

For as long as Ana Maria Carrasco can remember- her life has always revolved around coffee production, and the horticulturally rich atmosphere of her grandparents finca. The amount of time spent in her youth on coffee farms has been an integral part of her upbringing. This deep appreciation from her earliest memories has now carried into her adult life, where alongside her husband (Juan Manuel) she has embarked on her own personal journey in coffee growing and cultivation.

Ana Maria admits that the pressures of being a female coffee producer were there from the offset, but it was her family’s support that gave her unyielding confidence in her abilities. At first, she mainly observed what her husband would do on his newly acquired farm (Mosunse), and then naturally- her curiosity took over and as she describes; “I wanted to absorb as much information as possible from any resources at my disposal”. Thankfully, ACE had already been established in Nicaragua and seeing her husband adopt his techniques to grow specialty coffees, all led to Ana discovering her niche- specialty micro lots.

As of the early 2010’s- Ana began to experiment with unique varietals and had established her own micro lots that she would personally curate and oversee. This led to many failed experiments and even more nights of frustration. Her family describe Ana as a relentless and determined person, which certainly served her well during these early days in the field.

As she attended workshops and continued developing her own methods; Ana began to break through as a producer with her most cherished and first Micro lot: Las Guatusas. When we were introduced to this coffee lot in late February, we were immediately drawn to its unique and delicate characteristics, much of which made it a standout amongst other Nicaraguan lots on the cupping table.

Grind Guide

Fine - AeroPress, Stove top Espresso

Medium - Drip

Coarse - French Press, Pour Over, Percolator


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