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It is effectively a big BPA free plastic syringe with a filter at the end instead of a needle and it makes around 250ml (8oz) of coffee per serving. There are many different methods for making coffee with an Aeropress, this is our favourite.

1) Start with 15.5 g of coffee ground similar in grind coarseness of automatic drip coffee. 

2) Place paper filter in the Aeropress cap. Bring water to a boil and rinse the paper filter. Be careful as this can be difficult due to the small size of the cap and the hot water. Discard the rinse water. This removes the paper flavour from the filter.

3) Insert the plunger up to the number 4 marking on the cylinder. Add the ground coffee to the assembled unit. Give the Aeropress a gentle shake to flatten the coffee grounds and allow for a more even extraction.

4) Add 30 grams of water (approximately to the 3 marking) to the Aeropress and stir gently for 30 seconds.

5) After 30 seconds proceed to add water to bring the total to 250 g or until the chamber is full. Allow the coffee to brew for 3 further minutes.

6) After 3:30 total minutes of brewing fasten the cap and flip into a mug or carafe. Gently push the plunger down until a hiss is heard. This signifies the completion of the brew. 

7) After you’ve unscrewed the cap, you can pop out the filter and the puck of condensed grounds by simply pushing AeroPress’s interior section a final inch.

8) Enjoy!