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Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave is one of the finest Japanese pour over brewers available. Due to its flat bottom design, and controlled flow rate - due to to three small holes in the bottom of the brewer - you can expect a more consistent brew every time. The Wave filters also encourage consistency of brew by reducing contact with the side of the brewer, maintaining more temperature stability.

1) As a starting point we recommend a 16:1 water to coffee ratio. For the Kalita Wave start with 18.75 g coffee and 300 g water. Weigh out and grind 18.75 g of coffee to a coarseness resembling table salt.

2) Place paper filter in the Kalita Wave. Bring water to a boil and rinse the paper filter. Discard the rinse water. This removes the paper flavour from the filter.

3) Add the ground coffee to the filter. Give the Kalita Wave a gentle shake to flatten the coffee grounds and allow for a more even extraction.

4) Slowly pour water over the dry grounds and completely saturate the grounds with 50 grams of water. The first pour allows the coffee to expand and bloom. This allows the coffee to off-gas. Allow the coffee to bloom for 45 seconds.

5) When the bloom is complete pour water in a circular pattern starting in the centre spiralling out toward the edge of the slurry before spiraling back toward the middle. Avoid pouring on the filter. You should use about 100 g of water for this pour bringing the total to 150 g.

6) When the coffee grounds are almost exposed slowly pour in the final 150 g of water bringing the total to 300 g.

7) Allow the water to drip through the grinds and discard the filter and grounds and enjoy.

This extraction should take approximately 3 to 3.5 minutes. If the extraction takes longer consider using a coarser grind. If the extraction is quicker consider using a finer grind.