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Guatemala Huehuetenango
Red Landtern Coffee Co.

Guatemala Huehuetenango

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A coffee tasting of honey, peach and milk chocolate.

In San Antonio Huista, around 140 smallholders with an average farm size of 1 ha. live remotely in towns at altitudes between 1200-1600 masl., where crops are diversified with hibiscus and fruit trees. Cooler temperatures because of altitude slows fermentation, which more often occurs overnight. Cherries are separated by density in washing channels and then laid out to sun-dry before the last of the remaining mucilage is washed off. San Antonio Huista represents an important commercial hub for surrounding towns, including a Farmers' Center that caters to all producers in the vicinity, who make the trek here to sell their coffees and buy supplies.    
Unión Cantinil: Heirloom varieties, mineral-rich soil and tall peaks define this isolated area known for its snakes (the cantiniles Unión Cantinil is named after). More than 400 producers farming an average of 1 ha. cultivate Catuai, Caturra and Pache. Handpicked cherries are pulped, fermented, washed clean, and sun-dried on every available surface. Horses and mules are best suited for moving sacks of beans at a distance across the area’s rough terrain.  

To process this lot, cherries are handpicked, pulped, fermented, and washed clean with filtered water (typically via earthen holes to preserve local waterways).  

Grind Guide

Fine - AeroPress, Stove top Espresso

Medium - Drip

Coarse - French Press, Pour Over, Percolator 

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